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JCI Belfast

Network | Develop | Grow | Lead


Meet tomorrow’s leaders >

JCI is a place to develop your leadership skills, meet inspiring
people and make an impact in your local community.

It is a global, not-for-profit organisation for 18 to 40 year olds, run by its members for its members.
JCI’s mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.
JCI members are from many different backgrounds, cultures and professions, but all share common values
and passion to develop themselves and support and improve their communities.

It’s all about opportunities

To gain cv-enhancing skills, give back to your community, network with business leaders, experience new cultures and have a lot of fun. Read more or Join now

It’s time to get involved

Whether your looking to meet new like-minded people in a comfortable and accepting environment or inspire a generation through business and community projects, JCI is your solution!


Whether it’s Public Speaking, Debating or Extempore you can count on training in JCI being practical, supportive, inexpensive, interactive and fun.
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When you join JCI, you enjoy countless opportunities to learn and work with other like-minded and proactive people. So your social life will become richer – that’s pretty much inevitable!
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High-profile corporate bosses from blue-chip companies, networking, going behind-the-scenes at local companies, running
successful enterprise projects and talks by entrepreneurs.
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As a JCI member, you will often have the opportunity to travel to many conferences and training events, all over the world, including the annual European Conference and World Congress.
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Community work is an important element of JCI. By combining community work with other themes, such as business and training, our members learn new valuable skills.
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Whether it’s for business learnings or just to meet some great new people, join us today and start something life-changing.

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