Have a look at our most recent business and community orientated projects…


OneSmallStep Programme

William is organising a subcommittee to create a programme of events for the OneSmallStep campaign which is a grass roots community relations effort to improve relationships in our society. This will involve a bi monthly meeting with members and supporters to organise events and social media output. The first meetup will be in a couple of weeks with events to follow. Let me know if you would like to attend.

Launched in 2017

Project Lead: William Redpath

Project Co-Lead: Michael Harvey

Project Support:

70th Anniversary JCI Dinner

In 2019 Belfast Junior Chamber / JCI Belfast will be 70. We are looking for volunteers to organise a dinner in the 2nd half of next year for 100+ guests. Duties will include sourcing a venue, promotion and management on the night. So far Ellie and Jay are eager to organise to give them a shout if you would like to support.

Project Lead: Ellie Francis

Project Co-Lead: Jay Burbank

Project Support:

Ellie's Book Club

Ellie is running a book club around self help / personal development which will be meeting monthly. She will require someone to support in terms of organising venues and refreshments. Please speak to Ellie if you are interested.

Date: Saturday 4th August

Project Lead: Ellie Francis

Project Co-Lead: Phil Hunter

Project Support: Jay Burbank

Greggs Unsold Food Programme

This programme involves homeless charities collecting food from Greggs and distributing around Belfast at night.

Launched in 2017 :

Project Lead: John Rea and Angela

Project Co-Lead: William Redpath